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Philippe Journeau


DiscInNet Labs

Areas(s) Astrophysics, Linguistics, Philosophy, Physics, Social Networks
Subject(s) Philosophy, Foundations of physics, QM interpretations, Natural versus Formal Linguistics, CC and CT, Researchers networks and practices, Cosmology, Cosmological constant, cosmology, cosmological constant
Spoken languages English, French
Biography & Interests

After graduation from French Polytechnique (Palaiseau) and some complementary studies in astrophysics and mathematics applied to decision models (1980-1981) I got a Ph D in Engineering & Management / Industrial Economics at Polytechnique management research center in Paris (CRG) in 1984 and went into applying it in software. From 1985 to 2000 I have founded and developed a financial/actuarial/estate analysis and simulation software company in France, Europe and the US where it has been acquired and where I have then come back to research about the theories of knowledge and knowledge management. I have also devoted several years over time throughout the 2000s to come back to study grounding issues in physics and computational complexity, more generally linguistics, in order to be able at least to read the mainstream of the tremendous progresses of recent decades in these fields and yet the prevailing inconsistency between some of their underlying paradigms, particularly about the concepts of dimensions, to begin with space and time. These have been useful as dean/director of the TEMA school/RMS group in Reims, once back to France, then as associated director of the e-box technological project (1984 to 1987) but then particularly for the inception of DiscInNet Labs and the DiscInNet project and 'DiscInNet process', cf., in 2007-2008. Since 2008, as founder and research director of DiscInNet Labs and of Richeact the research program in epistemology, I am considering the perspective of epistemology as an experimental science. As a result I am working on models about the behaviour of research fields and their trajectories in appropriate spaces.

I am interested in the philosophy and frontiers of physics and sciences and their general epistemology issue. I reckon the imperative to be as specific, formally consistent and predictive, refutable, as possible, and have come to be convinced that the

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