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Sini Ruohomaa Trusted member

Student, Ph.D. Level

Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

Areas(s) Computer Science
Subject(s) Computer Science, trust management, reputation systems, inter-enterprise collaboration
Spoken languages English, Finnish
Biography & Interests

My research deals with reputation-based trust management for inter-enterprise collaborations. In other words, semi-automatically handling decisions for business services on whether they want to join and continue in collaborations with other business services, considering the risks and incentives involved. My PhD thesis on the topic is being evaluated. You can find my profile through my homepage link below; my full list of publications is available through my research group's publication list - and the University of Helsinki open access database - and due to the nasty legalities involved with publisher companies, I will postpone reposting all my publications on this site. (I've included a handful of links to somewhat representative papers, and tested the import feature.)

I've joined this site in December 2011 to show generic support for the formation of alternative peer review mechanisms, which I've discussed in the past on e.g. UCL's MobBlog. For now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the site exactly.

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Sini's Peer Evaluation activity

Sini has...

Trusted 3
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  • Sini Ruohomaa, Student, Ph.D. Level, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki.
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