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    Assistant Professor

    University of Warsaw

    New Aspects of E. M. Forster

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    Title : New Aspects of E. M. Forster
    Author(s) : Krzysztof Fordoński
    Keywords : E. M. Forster

    Subject : Studies in the works of E. M. Forster
    Area : Literature
    Language : English
    Year : 2010

    Editors : Krzysztof Fordoński
    Reviewers : Piotr Wilczek
    Conference_title : Polish Aspects of E. M. Forster
    Department : Faculty of Applied Linguistics
    University : University of Warsaw
    Publisher : IKLA and IEMFS
    City : Warszawa
    Pages : 173
    Isbn : 978-83-60770-24-5

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    Krzysztof's Peer Evaluation activity

    Reviews 1
    Downloads 62920
    Views 111
    Followed by 2
    Following... 6
    • Piotr Wilczek, Professor, University of Warsaw.
    • Tomasz Sikora, Assistant Professor, English Department, Pedagogical University of Cracow.
    • Piotr Urbański, Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University.
    • Łukasz Karpiński, Assistant Professor, University of Warsaw.
    • Łukasz Berger, Student, Ph.D. Level, Department of Classical Philology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań.
    • Paweł K. Jędrzejko, Associate Professor, Department of American and Canadian Studies of the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.

    Krzysztof has...

    Trusted 2
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